1) Do you offer taste tests?
We do offer taste tests, by appointment only. Because
of time constraints and costs associated with taste
tests we charge a $25.00 taste testing fee that will
deducted from your catering contract total at booking
time. Also note that we limit taste tests to two choices
on one plate for sharing.
Please keep in mind taste
tests are not meals
. They are simply a tasting of a
possible serving at your event.

2) Do you have Referrals?
Yes, we do have referrals, please check out our
Client/References page. We would also be more than
happy to offer contact numbers of past clients that we
have catered wedding receptions for, only after we
have received the approval from them to share their
contact information.

3) What are the pricing for wedding
Because each wedding cake is unique and personally
made to suit the bride's desire's, we do not offer
pricing on our website for cakes. Please note that the
size, frosting flavor and design of your cake is taken
into account of your basic wedding cake price. Lily,
who does our cakes, can be personally contacted by
phone for general questions and to make
appointments for tasting and bookings.

4) Where are you located?
We are located in Salt Lake City in the Sugarhouse
area. Easy access to the I-80 at 700 East and 1753

5) Can I stop by your office/kitchen at
Unfortunately we can not gurantee that someone will
be in the office & kitchen at any time of the day.
Because of this, we scheldule appointments to meet
with clients and potential clients. Please contact us to
scheldule  your meeting!

6) What is smallest amount of people you
will cater for?
We have will cater for as low as 15 guests and are
more than glad to offer our services.

7) Can we keep any left over food?
Any opened, perishable food that is left over from your
event at times may be kept providing that you sign the
required "RELEASE OF LIABILITY" form that states we
are not liable for any issues or illness that arise from
the improper storage or re-heating of the food. We
also require that you provide containers for any food
that you would like to keep. We can provide "to go"
containers at a nominal fee. Food may only be left with
the booking party and not with any guests.

We require a non-refundable deposit of $150 to secure a specific date and
our services for all private events. Corporate Events require a 50% deposit.
Our services are not guaranteed until a deposit is made, so any date is a
first come first served basis.

Your  deposit will be applied towards the final balance of your event.

Our services for any event is for 3 1/2hours. These hours do not include our
set up or clean up time. The 3 1/2 hour time frame is simply "your" time for
your event. If you require additional time for our services there is a nominal

Our payment terms are as follows.
The total balance for your event is due 5
days before your event,  Corporate events are payable at 50/50 with the
balance due the day of your event.
We will contact you at least 5 days
before your event to schedule a "FINALIZING" appointment. We can do this at
our office or at the location of your event. Sometimes it is better to meet at
your event location so on the day of your event we are a little more
knowledgeable with the layout and any specific instructions you which to give
for that day are visualized. At this finalizing appointment, you will need to
provided a final count of guests that you would like to book and pay for, your
menu choices decided and any rentals or additional services noted. We will
then calculate your guest count by the per person price that was noted and
agreed upon when the deposit was paid, calculate tax and add the 20%
gratuity to give you a grand total. We will then deduct the deposit you paid
and the remaining balance will due at that time.

Any return checks are subject to a $30 NSF fee plus an additional 3% of your
bill and any additional fees incurred by us for the return of your check.

After you have paid for your event and you realize that your guest count has
increased, you may contact us up to 24 hours in advance to add additional
guests to your event. Payment will be due immediately for these additional
guests by credit card or cash only. You may also make arrangements to pay
for these additional guests by cash only the day of your event.